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What are the looks you want ?

Everytime you wear a set of clothes and take pictures it is taken as One look

To complete a look in fashion photography we need the following things to be done before photoshoots is planned


  • If you are bringing in the clothes for the look  [ No Additional Cost ]

  • If you want me to provide you designerwear for the look  [ Cost of Hiring a dress from the designer will be added ].


All looks will need a make up artist to make you look great . Whether it is in a studio or Outdoor a Makeup artist will help in ensuring that the makeup is intact throughout the shoot. 

Hair Styling

A Hair Stylist will give different Hair Styles to your photoshoot looks, Pleats, Curling, Straightening etc.

Make up & Hair Styling charges can start from Rs. 3000 / day - 25,000/day depending on which makeupartist  / styling you ar using]

Indoor  / Outdoor

Indoor shoot means shoot in a studio  /  Hotel / Resort

Outdoor Shoot means shoot outside the room . It can be a street, park, beach , outstation


Studio shoot can be done in this way

If in my indoor studio [ Minimum cost Around Rs. 2000 ]

If I have to hire a large studio/ resort [ Full day Studio Cost will be included which can range from 5,000- 25,000]

If I have to go outstation [ Cost of my Travel , Stay will be included ]

Photography  & Editing

Photography means my photography charges , the time I spend on

Shooting your pictures 

Shortlisting your pictures

Editing your pictures 

Training & Guiding you

So now that you know how it works, let me know your budget and we will work it out.


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Smart Casuals





Model in Bikini
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