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About Kaushik Haldar

Started as a hobbyist Photographer Kaushik Haldar is a photographer from Kolkata and has been able to work in different cities i.e in Delhi & Mumbai.

  • Fashion and Model based Photoshoot using Indian and International Models and artists.

  • Infant, Baby and Child Photoshoot keeping in mind the sensitivity of the shoot especially as we are dealing with children.

  • Creating stunning model portfolios and profile shoots including use of smoke, paints and fine art.

  • Pre Wedding Photoshoots involving a creative aspect.

  • Product Photography including macro product photography.

  • Mannequin based garment photography [white | green | black] background

  • Creating Content and Online training Videos for youtube and Social Media

  • Creating Fashion Videos and Music Videos

  • Creating Short Films, from Conceptualization, Storyboarding, Scripting, Editing, Dubbing Complete Services

  • Online teaching, workshops and Video Content Creation

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Media & Fashion Magazine Coverage

Short Films

Kaushik Haldar has also made a few short films which have run in different festivals

Green Man - Official Selection for FreeNet World Film Festival

Are we alone in this world ? Are we actually doing what our mind wants us to do or are we being mind controlled by an external beings of higher intelligence?

When wars, riots and disasters happens who benefits from this ? Is everything natural or is there a dark force behind it?

This film is an early attempt to provide a brief insight to this question. Are we ruled by a different race ? who are these people. We call them Green Men.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - FreeNetWorld - 10 anniversary - 2016.png

Captive - Official Selection for First Time Filmmaker sessions & Shorts International Film Festival

The film "Captive", depicts the dilemma of a Captive and Kidnappers, both are in restrained captivity one physically and other in thoughts, respectively. With the conflict between victim (Faith, determination, perseverance, confidence and sacrifice) verses terrorists ( Power, Blind-faith, Force, over-confidence, indolence and torture).At the end of the day... which one is greater Power or Respect... who wins? 

Festival Selection.png
short international film festival.png
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